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Times Tables Tricks

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

If you struggle to remember your times tables there are ways to help you remember. We have songs to sing which we will post soon. But there are also other methods.

9's - There are finger methods to learn the 9 times table which can be found here 

there is also a complicated finger method for your 6-10 times tables, but this can help if you just cannot get quick recall of your times tables. It can be found here.

3's - can be worked out by drawing a mobile phone pad  The units of the 3 times table start in the end column and go down 3,6,9 and then you move to the middle column and the units are 2,5,8 for 12,15,18 and then you move to the first column for the units 1,4,7, for the numbers 21,24,27.

4's - just double your 2's

6's - just double your 3's

now you can mostly work out the rest of the tables by using commutativity (remembering that 3x4=4x3)

The difficult ones are:

7x7 - remember the rhyme " wakey, wakey rise and shine 7 7's are 49"

8x8 - remember the rhyme " I ate and ate and was sick on the floor, 8 8's are 64"

7x8 - remember the order of the numbers 5,6,7,8 and then insert the signs 56=7x8

9's use the finger method above

10's add a 0

11's double the digit you are multiplying by e.g. 11x1=11 11x2=22

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